Why Do They Support Bob? Find Out!

Endorsement: 'Duke' Cunningham

When I wasn't busy supplying my contractor buddies with free limosuines, hotel suites, and prostitutes; I was out raising money and funding Bob Beauprez's campaign. I think so highly of Bob, I personally gave him $4,000. That makes him one of the Top 15 recipients of my 'hard-earned' cash in the US House of Representatives (Of course that's just money that 'the man' knows about, if you catch my drift.)

I think Bob Beauprez is going to be a great Governor, he could even run for President someday! Maybe by the time he runs for higher office I'll be out of prison...

-Randall 'Duke' Cunningham, Disgraced Member of Congress

Endorsement: Roy Blunt

Bob Beauprez was a huge supporter of my failed run for House Majority Leader. If there's one thing we both hate, it's lobbyist reform legislation.

Bob Beauprez came right out and endorsed me in the National Journal. When it started to look like endorsing me wasn't politically expedient, he withdrew his endorsement and claimed to be undecided. After the vote for Majority Leader was taken, Bob Beauprez was one of only a handful of Representatives who refused to disclose their vote to the public.

But I know where Bob stands and I know he really came through for me behind closed doors. I remember my friends and that's why "Friends of Roy Blunt" donates to his gubernatorial campaign.

-Roy Blunt, Beauprez for Governor Donor

Endorsement: Tom DeLay

Bob Beauprez and I voted together %99 of the time, even when I was leading Congress into a massive deficit. Bob was recently ranked as the Congressman with the closest ties to me, and that's really saying something.

When I was indicted, Bob Beauprez stuck up for me and refused to return my PAC money.

Bob even voted to change House rules so I could remain Majority Leader while under indictment. Hell, Bob even took time to defend that vote to constituents!

Sure, he was probably covering his own back in case he got indicted, but that just shows the foresight that Colorado needs.

-Tom DeLay, Former House Majority Leader

Endorsement: Jack Abramoff

I cannot comment without my attorney present.

-Jack Abramoff, Prisoner